Slow Reading Club

Slow Reading Club is a semi-fictional reading group initiated by Bryana Fritz and Henry Andersen. They deal in constructed situations for collective reading to probe the ways in which “meaning” passes between bodies in the act of reading. SRC seeks to occupy and eroticise this space of transmission between text and reader, reader and reader, text and text. They want to dwell in the unstable space of reading itself, to intensify what Spivak calls “the possible menace of a space outside of language” that is opened up in reading and in love.

During the Slow Reading Club, thematic coordination with the exhibitions creates a collective physical reading experience: Using various instructions, the audience reads together through a selection of found texts from prose, poetry and theory. The aim is not so much to decipher them or to understand them fundamentally, but rather to create a pretext for working together with texts: skin over sentence structure and meat against meat.


Bryana Fritz
Henry Andersen

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On Collective Reading
11 Jan


On Collcetive reading is the beginning of an event series that explores reading groups as spaces to collectively understand and modify the world around us.

To participate email sean.oriordan@sandberg.nl

  • 11 JAN 14:00-17:00 & THEORY STAIRS
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