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- test lab for experimental writing and reading
- archive for communal practice and gathering
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16 Nov

Thursday November 16, from 6PM @ the livingroom

Hey! Do you write ?
Would you like to share that in a setting which is not bound to a presentation etc?
Do you have questions about it? Do you need a feedback?
Or do you want to listen to other texts?
Do you want to practive giving feedback, or do you want to discuss broader questios around writing?
You're invited ! ! !
We are "formerly known as...", a student led initiative with weekly meetings to do exactly that : everything around writing, reading, language etc. We are a space for try-out, we are a space for experiment.
Come by and bring your texts, questions or just yourself.
Our next meeting is this thursday, 6pm, living room.
Check our flyers for the next meeting time and spot, also on insta: @formerly_known_as_____
c u <3

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