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Book Launch “Exxxo: A Xeno-Community?"
19 Oct

“Exxxo: A Xeno-Community?” aims to generate an unspecified space where various feelings of alienation could collide. The publication temporarily freezes the processes of collective imagining guided by the xenofeminist idea of “alienation” as a labour of freedom’s construction.
The book serves as a speculative archive of events that could have possibly happened in Exxxo. It is also an anthology of xeno-poetry, where the use of language is treated as a material practice allowing for collaborative worlding. Last but not least, it is a never-finishing exercise of embracing the strangeness of existing together.

October 19 @ San Serriffe

8pm : Opening doors with Hippolyte Godest’s sound performance
8:30pm : Performative readings by Luca Fedele, Naomi Collier Broms, Jessica Tille, Michał Dawid, Marianne Theunissen and Tom Dulou
10pm : Closing doors ——

Contributing writers: Michał Dawid, Marianne Theunissen, Tom Dulou, Luca Fedele, Jessica Tille, Abel Aben, Marie Skousen, Naomi Collier Broms, Anna Frijstein

Editors: Marianne Theunissen, Michał Dawid and Tom Dulou

Graphic design: Klara Debeljak

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