Open Call! 3Dimensional Jazz @ Arti et Amicitiae
27 Oct

Hello world! We are Content y Contend, your favourite partners. Now, we embark on a new adventure… we’re curators = booking agents!

On the 27th of October, in the prestigious artists society Arti et Emicitiae, we’re organising an eventful event, Big DaDa (Dadaism in times of Dataism), and we still have free slots in the lineup!

Are you a poet, an athlete, tap dancer or magician? Do you do fencing? Do you juggle with eggs? Want to celebrate that Skrillex is playing at Berghain? Do you like flirting? Celebrate the subtle nuances of performance and happenings? Sex and the City all night long? We’re looking for exciting ACTS in their most expanded sense! We’re looking for YOU.

We want to know: what is 3dimensional jazz in YOUR imagination? Send your illustrated proposal to: contentycontenido@gmail.com

This is of cours a PAID opportunity!
Let us book YOU for anything!

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