Platform Alliances #1 Tools

Agustina Woodgate, Freja Kir

What are the tools for alliances? How do we establish solidarity networks? Can a model of practice and form of governance be considered as a work of art? And what does it mean to publish/make public in a platform framework?

The first session of Platform Alliances presents a conversation on tools for tactics and strategies of facilitation and organisation: a conversation between Agustina Woodgate, Freja Kir, Angeliki Diakrousi, Ben Tupper & Jack Bardwell.

On Tuesday 22nd of June 2021, live broadcasted from fanfare, shared via the trans-departmental initiative PUB, joined by the collective infrastructure, Varia, and the student-run KABK initiative, Mushroom radio:

Platform Alliances is a growing initiative by Radio EE and fanfare; the program aims to discuss and share the strategies and challenges of current and future student-initiated platforms. It aims to create space and place for alliances amongst similar initiatives across The Netherlands and abroad. This radio broadcast presents a first step of opening up a dialogue and larger-scale platform alliance scheme. We welcome critique, ideas, and future collaborators.

This publication is commissioned by the Editorial Board as part of the series 'Future Practices'

'Future Practices' is the framework for a series of publications on current topics that stimulate or question intercurricular education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Various interdepartmental or interdisciplinary duos and teams have been asked to create a contribution in a format of their choice, such as a podcast, a text or an audiopiece. These collaborations originate in the first Open Call for Intercurricular Programmes in November 2020. Because of the many promising proposals, the editorial board decided to select 6 collaborations and asked these to publish their research via extraintra.nl in 2021.

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